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We are a local advocate for hemp as an alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

Why have we changed to selling paraphernalia?

Due to legalization, there is no application to receive a business licence in our location to sell cannabis products. In order to stay open to better service our clients in the future when an application is available, we made the switch.


When will you be able to sell cannabis products again?

We will be able to sell these products again once the city of Nanaimo releases an application to then be approved by the Provincial Government of BC.

Current city councils estimated time 6-12 months as of October 17th, 2018. 


So, what can you sell? 

For the time being, we now sell cannabis/tobacco paraphernalia such as bongs, pipes, cleaner, rolling papers, apparel etc. 

We also carry Hemp based CBD tinctures and capsules. 
For anymore questions please contact us directly. 


Our Story.

Established in 2015.

Business owner, Geoff G, suffered a stroke rendering him from speaking and using his hands efficiently. This brought him a lot of pain and hardships. The medicine he was given caused horrible side effects and was very costly. 

It was recommended to him that he try CBD, Cannabidiol, to help with his recovery. 

He did and was amazed by how much it helped with his symptoms and didn’t cause him any harmful side effects. He questioned why it was so hard to find and why more people didn’t know about this extremely helpful supplement. 

After some looking around Nanaimo, CBD became harder and harder to find as it is derived from the Cannabis or Hemp plant.

Once he did find it, the CBD was priced much too high for himself, nor anyone else he would recommend it to for their medical issues. 

He decided he would be the turning point. He formed Mid Island Health and Wellness.
He opened a small shop across from Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, in a compound of doctors offices and began sharing the information of CBD. 

With a steady growth of new patients came a growth of inventory and demand. 

The staff was trained to pride themselves on being medicinal and knowledgeable in all things Cannabis. 

3 1/2 years later, on October 17th 2018,  Cannabis was legalized in Canada. Provincially, privately owned shops were to be approved by the government for the legal distribution of cannabis and cannabis derived products. 

Mid Island Health and Wellness, as a respected medicinal business ceased all sales of cannabis and cannabis derived products to be eligible to receive a licence.
We have since applied for rezoning licencing and approval from the Government of BC.  

**updated February 17, 2019**

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