Mid Island Health & Wellness

778-441-4531 or Manager@midhealth.ca


How do you ship?
We ship through Canada express post.

Where exactly do you ship to?
We ship exclusively to anywhere in Canada.

How long should I expect for my package to arrive?
Not long! We anticipate about 1-3 days after your package is sent for it to arrive to you. Please note that we only ship out packages on business days.

I’ve sent in a money transfer but it wasn’t accepted right away, do I resend it?
No! We will only accept your money transfer the day we send the package. If it hasn’t been accepted right away don’t worry, we have received it and your package is just being processed and will be sent out ASAP.

I know I’m supposed to use my order number for the secret answer, but what if I need to use more than 3 digits?
Please just add a triple 0 at the beginning of your order number to accommodate for having to use 6 digits. For instance if your order number is “123” then enter “000123”

So my money transfer has been accepted, now what?
After your money transfer has been accepted your package will be sent out that day. You will receive an email the same day with the necessary tracking information to locate and watch the progress or your parcel until it arrives!

If I have any questions or want to learn more about some of the products you offer, who should I contact?
If you have any questions you can always give us a call at 1-778-441-4531
You can also email us at manager@midhealth.ca. We are always happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!